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06_TPThink Psychology Solutions is currently unable to take new referrals.

People seek therapy and treatment from Think Psychology Solutions several different ways.


Individuals are welcome to call Think Psychology Solutions and make an appointment directly. Our reception staff will assist in selecting a Psychologist appropriate to your needs. If you have private health insurance you may receive some reimbursement for our fees through your fund – please check directly with your Health Fund.

GP or Psychiatrist Referral

People are often referred to Think Psychology Solutions by their GP or, in some cases, Psychiatrist. A Doctor’s referral usually entitles an individual to up to 10 sessions (with appropriate review by the Doctor) with a Psychologist or Clinical Psychologist. Medicare or Medicare Locale will then rebate a portion of the client fees (see our FAQ page for details). The most common Doctor referral is a ‘Mental Health Plan’ under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Scheme. Information about this Scheme and other Medicare services provided by Psychologists can be found on the Australian Psychological Society website

Third Party Referral

Treatment and therapy is regularly provided at Think Psychology Solutions to those referred by a third party provider such as a workplace rehabilitation provider, an insurance company or as part of a legal recompense. People referred under such circumstances have often experienced a traumatic event/incident or work place related issues such as bullying or harassment. Payment of fees and claim of these fees is very much a case-by-case basis however these referrals will regularly result in Think Psychology Solutions billing the Third Party (Insurance Company, Comcare etc.) directly.