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MindHealthConnect is a government funded not-for-profit website that collates Mental Health information. mindhealthconnect is the easy way to find mental health and wellbeing information, support and services from Australia’s leading health providers, together in one place. And seeing they asked us very nicely we thought we’d put a link to their page on the Think website. 🙂

A couple of links to resources we’ve found useful here at Think over the past few months. The first is a workbook for teenagers to work through who are experiencing Anxiety. The Second (and not related to the first) is for Parents who need a resource when an adolescent in their family is experiencing anxiety or an anxiety disorder.
1. the anxiety workbook for teens. activities to help you deal with anxiety & worry by Lisa Schab. This is a PDF of a book and comes from a mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based approach & is very much activity based.
2. If your Adolescent has an Anxiety Disorder by Enda Foa and Linda Wasmer Andrews.  This is also a CBT book and a great resource for parents.


Youth Anxiety is a website we are increasingly using to assist young people (adolescents) in dealing with anxiety.


It is a Canadian-based website, interactive, and allows young people to navigate the site in a cool way, while also providing links to relaxation exercises and other useful strategies.  As the Internet is a pretty appealing source of information for most adolescents and young people, this might be a useful link for young people to explore if experiencing some difficulty with anxiety.

Think Psychology has also developed recently a relationship with Gaia Women’s Specialists in Deakin, a practice comprising Obstetricians & Gynacolegists Dr Huda Younis and Dr Rebecca McCormack. Think has Clinical Psychologist’s Kate Carnall, Robin Wood and Terese Hutchison who have experience working with perinatal clients. Having an ongoing relationship with Gaia allows us both to better serve women experiencing difficulties such as post-natal depression, anxiety related to pregnancy and the overwhelming change that can occur for women in the first period of being a Mother.

Gaia Women’s Specialists

Think Psychology Solutions has recently been working more often with Dietician Erica Stephens who has a practice in Manuka. Erica and Think Psychologist Lisa Knipe are working together with clients assisting in the area of weight loss, emotional eating and the emotional difficulties that often accompany these issues. Additionally, Erica works with sportspeople on their nutrition and energy needs which links well with Jason McCrae here at Think who has a background in Sport Psychology.

Dietician Erica Stephens – Sportrition

Australian Psychological Society: www.psychology.org.au

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