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In addition to Daniel Troy having appointments available on Saturdays, Sean Dicks will now have several appointments available every second Saturday. Like all Think Psychologists Sean works across general clinical psychology issues and areas however he has a particular interest and expertise in working with couples and undertaking relationship therapy. Appointments for Saturdays can be booked through Reception Monday to Friday.

Odd Socks Day is a Beyond Blue initiative designed to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. As the Odd Socks Day website states “Odd socks day…because anyone can have an odd day, is a light-hearted approach to reminding people that anyone, at any time, can have an odd day.” Odd Socks Day is Friday October 4 and Think Psychology staff will be wearing Odd Socks and having a morning tea to promote the initiative and as part of the day.


We are pleased to advise that Brigid Ryan, Clinical Psychologist, who was formerly working with us at Think, has now agreed to return to the practice.  Brigid is a highly skilled and capable psychologist who specialises in perinatal mental health, anxiety disorders, mood disorders and stress.  She works with both adult and adolescent client populations.

Brigid will be returning to Think as of the 7th October 2013, she will be working Monday-Thursdays and is now taking new referrals.  Brigid brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our practice.  Please contact our friendly reception staff to make an appointment on telephone 6282 8266.

We are pleased to welcome Brigid back to Think and know she is eager to return to clinical practice.


We have a new Psychologist starting at Think Psychology Solutions in September 2013. Miranda Morrissey will be joining us one day a week to help clients with general clinical psychology issues. She has particular interest, experience and skills in working with people experiencing eating disorders, workplace issues, anxiety, depression and stress. More details about the wonderful Miranda can be found here (although I haven’t worked out how to add her name to the table at the top of the page yet….grrr ;)). As Miranda is just starting at Think she has good availability for appointments.

We’re very excited to report that Think Psychologist Melissa Nihill has been accepted to present at the 2013 Australian Psychology Society Conference in Cairns in October. Melissa’s work entitled ‘The influence of online social networking on adolescent girls’ body surveillance, internalisation and body dissatisfaction’ was conducted through the University of Canberra’s Masters program with Dr. Vivienne Lewis and examines how social networking influences how young women view and accept their own body image. Melissa recently wrote in our own Think News about the relationship between social networking and depression however this is a far more in depth and thorough investigation into the impact social networking can have for young women. Congrats to Melissa on being accepted to present.

Think Psychology Psychologist Lisa Knipe continues to chip away at the mountain that is a PhD study. Her area of study is the relationship between eating and emotional behaviour and she has reached the next stage of her research which requires participants to complete a survey. If you are interested in the area or just willing to complete a survey on the topic please click on the link below and assist Lisa in gathering her data.

The Role of Emotions in Eating Behaviour – ANU Survey

It is fantastic for Think to have Lisa undertaking such rigorous research while also specialising in eating, emotional eating, overeating and eating disorders. Lisa will be reducing her hours at Think a little over the coming 6 months to complete her research but she will still be available for appointments (you just might have to wait a bit longer!) and we are currently recruiting for an interim replacement for Lisa with similar expertise. Go Lisa!

As part of our website re-vamp we’re also catching up on a few things. In May we produced another edition of the Newsletter that we distribute to all our referrers and related agencies – thinkNews. This edition contains articles from Clinical Psychologist Sean Dicks on how Relationship Therapy works and Psychologist Melissa Nihill on the impact of online social networking on young peoples’ mental health (“Facebook Depression”).

Newsletter May2013

Think Psychology Solutions is excited to announce the launch of ‘My Body is OK!’ – a 6- week group program aimed at promoting positive body image in adolescent girls. The group is based on principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a well-known model that looks at people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and how they relate. The group will be led by Melissa Nihill, one of Think’s Psychologists who has a special interest in the area and has run similar groups before at the University of Canberra. We are aiming to commence the group in Term 3 so please contact us at Think Reception or by using the Think Contact Us page if you are interested. The link/download below provides more information on the ‘My Body is OK’ including details of the aims of the program, cost and the medicare rebate for the program.

Think Psychology – My Body is OK

Welcome to the fancy, new and upgraded Think Psychology Solutions website. If you are a regular visitor you might have noticed its been a bit inactive for a few months. This has been because behind the scenes the team at Think have been trying to find the time beavering away upgrading the website.

Actually most of the work has been done by the wonderful and patient Dylan at Conceptis with photos from the brilliant Jayne at Developing Agents. The plan is to use this new blog page to keep the site a bit more active and provide a bit more ongoing information about Think, what our Psychologists and staff are up too and other things Psychology.