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Think Psychology Solutions has recently been working more often with Dietician Erica Stephens who has a practice in Manuka. Erica and Think Psychologist Lisa Knipe are working together with clients assisting in the area of weight loss, emotional eating and the emotional difficulties that often accompany these issues. Additionally, Erica works with sportspeople on their nutrition and energy needs which links well with Jason McCrae here at Think who has a background in Sport Psychology.

Dietician Erica Stephens – Sportrition

Think Psychology Solutions is excited to announce the launch of ‘My Body is OK!’ – a 6- week group program aimed at promoting positive body image in adolescent girls. The group is based on principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a well-known model that looks at people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and how they relate. The group will be led by Melissa Nihill, one of Think’s Psychologists who has a special interest in the area and has run similar groups before at the University of Canberra. We are aiming to commence the group in Term 3 so please contact us at Think Reception or by using the Think Contact Us page if you are interested. The link/download below provides more information on the ‘My Body is OK’ including details of the aims of the program, cost and the medicare rebate for the program.

Think Psychology – My Body is OK

Welcome to the fancy, new and upgraded Think Psychology Solutions website. If you are a regular visitor you might have noticed its been a bit inactive for a few months. This has been because behind the scenes the team at Think have been trying to find the time beavering away upgrading the website.

Actually most of the work has been done by the wonderful and patient Dylan at Conceptis with photos from the brilliant Jayne at Developing Agents. The plan is to use this new blog page to keep the site a bit more active and provide a bit more ongoing information about Think, what our Psychologists and staff are up too and other things Psychology.

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