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Sadly for us one of our stalwarts is leaving Think for greener, or at least different, pastures. Psychologist Lisa Knipe has this week finished working at Think to allow her the time to complete her PhD studies at ANU. Its been a long and determined effort from Lisa to get this far in her PhD and to finally complete she needs all the time she can get to devote to her studies and final write up. We wish Lisa all the best and secretly (or perhaps not so secretly) hope that one day she will return as Dr. Lisa!

Here at Think Psychology Solutions, we are dedicated to providing therapy that has proven results through research. In order to measure how clients are improving throughout treatment, we use psychometric assessment and screening tools, such as the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) to measure how effective our therapy is for our clients. Therefore, it is vital that we continue to make these tools as effective and useful as they can be.

Think is excited to be taking part in a research study conducted by the University of Sydney in developing a new screening tool to measure depression, anxiety and stress in young people aged 7 – 18 years (titled the DASS-Y). Currently, the DASS exists for use only with those 16 years and over, which means that we do not get the opportunity to assess the efficacy of treatment through a well-established measure with our younger clients.

If you are a parent of someone under 18 or are under 18 yourself and a client at Think, your child/you may be asked to complete the DASS-Y at your initial appointment, and potentially throughout the course of treatment. Then, you will be invited to participate in the study by completing a consent form, and the results of your questionnaire will be forwarded to the researchers of the study. All aspects of the study, including results, will be strictly confidential, and only the researchers and psychologist involved will have access to your/your child’s information.

To find out more about the study, please read the following Information Statement, or feel free to contact reception on 6282 8266 or reception@thinkps.com.au.

We are very excited to play a role in increasing the effectiveness of our practice (and psychology overall), and we hope you are too.