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A quiet day at Think Psychology Solutions last Tuesday with many of the team attending the 3rd Annual Complex Trauma Psychotherapy Conference entitled ‘Roads to Resilience: from trauma to well being’ at Westmead Hospital in Sydney. Vanessa Hamilton, Brigid Ryan, Robin Wood, Daniel Troy and Melissa Nihill all attended the workshop finding it valuable and insightful. Psychologists and Clinical Psychologists are required to attend a certain amount (it varies based on qualifications) of professional development every year to maintain their registration and we find opportunities like this invaluable in developing our skills and techniques. Its also good to go on a road trip every now and then! 😉 Thanks to the team at Westmead Hospital for organising the Conference.

Some interesting Australian research from the Australian Psychological Society conference showing that psychological treatment can relatively quickly help problem gambling and associated difficulties such as anxiety, depression and relationship problems. It appears from the research that the challenge in treating problem gambling is getting the individuals suffering from the condition to attend appointments. Jason McCrae, Clinical Psychologist at Think Psychology Solutions, has a special interest and background in working in problem gambling. Here’s the link to the Australian Psychological Societies media release regarding the research:

Therapy effective in reducing problem gambling