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Our December 2013 Newsletter was posted this week including articles on stress, changes in the new DSM-V (the ‘bible’ for diagnosis amongst Psychologists and Psychiatrists), the comings and goings at Think over the past few months and a little snippet of the adventures of Sharon and Terese in New York! Feel free to download a pdf of the newsletter below.

Think Newsletter December 2013

Think Psychology Solutions will close for the year at lunch time on Tuesday December 24. We will re-open Monday January 6, 2014. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday period. If you are in need of urgent mental health care over the holiday break then please contact the Mental Health Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team on 1 800 629 354. Messages can be left for Think staff on our voice mail (02 6282 8266) or via the Contact Us page and will be attended to as soon as possible on Monday January 6. We will be taking new referrals in the new year.

Several Psychologists, particularly Daniel Troy, are seeing ongoing clients during this shut down period. If you have an appointment booked in the shut down period then please attend as your Psychologist (primarily Daniel) will be there. If due to unavoidable circumstances you need to cancel your appointment during the shut down please email your Psychologist directly as voice mails will not be attended to until reception staff return on January 6.

A couple of links to resources we’ve found useful here at Think over the past few months. The first is a workbook for teenagers to work through who are experiencing Anxiety. The Second (and not related to the first) is for Parents who need a resource when an adolescent in their family is experiencing anxiety or an anxiety disorder.
1. the anxiety workbook for teens. activities to help you deal with anxiety & worry by Lisa Schab. This is a PDF of a book and comes from a mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based approach & is very much activity based.
2. If your Adolescent has an Anxiety Disorder by Enda Foa and Linda Wasmer Andrews.  This is also a CBT book and a great resource for parents.